Akshay Kumar’s Levis campaign Wallpapers

The prints for the campaign feature the consummate Alpha male superstar, Akshay Kumar, in the new Levi’s® 501® jeans, being unbuttoned by the female talent, Saira S! The shots capture Akshay’s stylish physicality and launch him in a completely new and fresh mould. Akshay’s today’s hottest style icon, whose favorite choice are the new Levi’s® 501® – Original Button-Fly jeans. The campaign features a series of 4 different shots that have been captured by Steve Koh, award-winning advertising and editorial photographer.

akshay_levis_wallpaper_6.jpgakshay_levis_wallpaper_3.jpgakshay_levis_wallpaper_4.jpgakshay_levis_wallpaper_5.jpgAkshay Kumar’s Levis campaign Wallpapersakshay_levis_wallpaper_2.jpg

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