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Selfie Queen Neha Dhupia FHM Magazine May 2014 HQ Pictures


BRINGING SEXY BACK, NEHA DHUPIA SHOWS YOU HOW’S ITS DONE. That’s the theme of the photoshoot of FHM Magazine May 2014, in which neha dhupia show us how take best shots and pose for the camera when you take the selfies from the camera. In pictures she is looking so stunning and beautiful. Check out the pictures below and leave ...

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Sakshi Chaudhary Plays Lead Role in ‘Julie’ sequel


Neha Dhupia is the leading lady of the last Jule (2004) Movie, in which she played the controversial and steamy role of Julie Girl. Now the director is back with a sequel starring Sakshi Chaudhary. “Julie 2″ is likely to be a story of an actress, not a prostitute. “Considering how controversial and steamy Neha Dhupia’s role was in ‘Julie’, ...

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