Kristna Saikia Red Hot Bollywood Girl

This young, vibrant and beautifully expressive artiste has bagged two interesting film projects, “Everything Out of Control” and “Molly”. And to top it, she has shot her first animated promotional video for Innovative Media Xolutions (IMX), which is sure to become as popular as a chartbuster song. In “Everything Out of Control”, Kristna plays a modern day character that is very close to her heart. She plays a strong girl, who acts as a Good Samaritan and rescues friends. The spiritually inclined ‘reel’ character, which is quite close to Kristna’s own ‘real life’ spiritual pursuits, helps her friends who are haunted by ‘spirits’. As in her real life, she digs deep into her inner reserves of strengths and musters up strength to fight the unknown and the unseen. Aziz Chhabria’s film provides the perfect platform for Kristna to express her multi-faceted talent in a mystery flick that will have viewers on the edge of their seats.

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