Masumeh on Amul Star Voice

Masumeh on Amul Star Voice


The contestants of Amul Star Voice of India gear up to sing and sway to the tunes of sensuous and mysterious Arabian music, this Saturday, Sep 13th, 10 p.m. only on Star Plus. The magic of Arabian Nights is enhanced by the presence of the special guests on the show: Farooque Shaikh, Lillette Dubey and Masumeh as they promote their upcoming film ‘Saas Bahu Aur Sensex’. This evening had the perfect Arabian setting with desert, sand dunes, tents, camels, hookahs, dance and music. The celebrity guests were swept away with the talent on the ASVOI platform and each performance left them speechless.

masumeh_k_4.jpgmasumeh_k_2.jpgMasumeh on Amul Star Voice

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