Aamir khan six pack secret revealed

Aamir khan six pack secret revealed. Everyone knows Aamir Khan has been working out to lose flab for his forthcoming film. However, what has just been revealed is the cost of the gym he created in his home to get that well-toned look. If the buzz is to be believed, Aamir’s gym costs a colossal 55 lakhs. From the time he began work on the yet untitled Hindi remake of Ghajini, Aamir has been labouring to get those much hyped and now common six-pack abs.
Sources say Aamir has been quite religious about his workouts. He exercises for at least four hours daily. Apparently, he wants a well-chiselled physique to go with his bald look in the remake. While his acting has already left us enthralled, let’s see what his new look does.


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