ABCD 2 Actress Shraddha Kapoor Mobbed by a crowd of 500

The actress who is busy these days on her upcoming movie Baaghi with Tiger shroff mobbed by a crowd of 500. This show that she has the good fan following and day by day more number are adding on hers fans list. Shraddha Kapoor recently visited a Famous Patisserie studio kitchen. And most of her fans reached there to see their Favorited actress. Soon the mob got out of control and the Police had to be called to control them.

As Shraddha began to exit the Kitchen, The mob further got out of control. She entire street was packed and the traffic came to a standstill. The Police Safely escorted Shraddha to her car. But her fans refused to budge unless they caught a glimpse of her.

Shraddha’s security advised her against stepping out of her car, as the crowd would become unmanageable. Shraddha had no choice but to come out of her car’s Sun Roof and Wave out to her fans.

She also, Thanked them for their Love and Support. Only after Shraddha asked them to make way for her, as she was getting late for a meeting, did they let her car pass.

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