Bajrangi Bhaijaan Movie Stills – Meet Hanuman bhakt Salman Khan

Finally the teaser of the Bajrangi Bhaijaan is out now, Watch the teaser here. The one minute 30 seconds long teaser shows a little girl from Pakistan getting lost in India and then finding a “Man with a Heart” Salman Khan, who saves her and takes her home. In the movie Salman Playing the role of Hanuman bhakt who is out to save a Pakistani kid, a pretty young girl. And Kareena Kapoor looks beyond beautiful. Kareena Plays the role of Muslim girl and lover interest of Salman Khan.

In the first teaser of the movie there’s Salman Khan’s voice in the background that repeatedly says, “Hum Bajrang Bali ke bhakt hain… Jhooth nahin boltey…” . So now you know her playing the role of Hanuman bhakt. You have to see the teaser to find out more! And we are totally impressed!

Here are some of the movie stills which you can check out below.

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