Bipasha Basu dons BIKINI for Players Movie

The last time Bipasha Basu flaunted her bikini bod was in 2006 for Dhoom:2. Five years later, she is donning one again for Players.

The actress says, “I’m a beach bum and I love to be in the swimming pool, so I am very comfortable wearing a bikini. My only concern is that the scene is shot well, and the cinematographer Ravi K Chandran took care of that.”

They shot the scene in Wellington (New Zealand), in freezing cold water. Adds Bips, “After the scene was done though, the chief assistant director Tinu gave me a plate of muffins and Sikandar Kher and Omi Vaidya took me out for pizzas, so it was worth it! We were supposed to shoot this scene on the morning of Abhishek Bachchan’s birthday, so I missed out on all the fun the night before. I went out with them for a little while only and came back sulking, as I had to be up early. The rest of them continued to party though!”

The Bengali bombshell says she tried on several different bikinis for the scene, but ultimately chose one from her personal wardrobe. She adds, “I did not follow a different diet or workout regime to look perfect in the bikini, as I stay fit all year round. The only thing I did is go on a strict, high-protein diet for some time and increase the intensity of my cardio workouts.”

Recalls the Dhoom:2 days, she says, “At that time, I was just thin. Today I am fitter and curvier. I programmed my workout to attain the perfect beach body from the start. Now I want to release a workout routine on how to get a good beach body. I was trained by Paul Britto, who has been my trainer for years.”


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