10 Bollywood Movie Mistakes That No one Noticed

No one is perfect in this world, and everyone makes mistakes.  Same applies on the Bollywood industry. If you are Bollywood movies fan and want to check out some of the Bollywood bloopers, here we’ll show you the 10 unnoticed Bollywood movie mistakes that will bother you right now for no reasons. Most of use never recognize these mistake on the screen, but these some of the best Bollywood bloopers that none of us noticed.

Here we’ve compiled a list of some silly Bollywood movie mistakes. Check them out. We guarantee, you’ll watch the original videos again once you go through this list.

1. In 1892, an over didn’t have 6 balls. But in Lagaan they did.

2. In Hey Baby movie they wasted 3 hours, a simple DNA test would have helped you sort out everything

3. Finally, Here are the Thakur Hands in Sholay movie.

4. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag is based on 1950’s and Farhan Akhtar sings the song ‘nanha munna rahi hoon’ in the film. The song is from the movie ‘Son of India’ which was released in 1962.

5. There is no Pakistani Embassy in Bruges, It’s in Brussels. PK hai kya?

6. Nice magic or Trick, she can wear her stockings even while dancing – Dhoom 3

7. In Ra.One, when SRK dies, he has a Christian burial and on other scene Kareena immerses his ashes into the river

8. Queen- The phone changes position

9. How’s it possible, You catch your bro with your right hand and then fall with holding with your left hand – DHoom 3

10. 3 Idiots completely forgot this

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