Style Diva Celina Glams at Gitanjali Diamond store

Style Diva Celina Glams at Gitanjali Diamond store. Celina Jaitley has been trying hard for long to make it to the A-list in B-Town.She’s playing a role, which is a mix of glamour and realism in her next flick She will go fully bold and play a stripper in a flick titled ‘Showman’. Celina’s official site encompasses the story of a girl who aspired to join the army and her journey from there on to become a successful model and finally an acclaimed actress.

Celina Gitanjali Diamond storecelina-gitanjali-store-29.jpgCelina Gitanjali Diamond storecelina-gitanjali-store-31.jpgCelina Gitanjali Diamond storeCelina Gitanjali Diamond storecelina-gitanjali-store-22.jpgCelina Gitanjali Diamond store


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