Deepika Padukone unveils latest Vogue Issue

Deepika Padukone unveils latest Vogue Issue. Deepika Padukone does rigorous excercise to maintain a figure that can launch a thousand ships. Daughter of a tennis player, Prakash Padukone knows what ita takes to be on the top list of the Bollywood babes with best bodies. Deepika Padukone has one of the ‘Most Photogenic’ faces in Bollywood. With the innocense on her face, she is sure to last longer.

Deepika Padukone unveils latest Vogue Issuedeepika-vogue-8.jpgdeepika-vogue-9.jpgdeepika-vogue-10.jpgdeepika-vogue-11.jpgdeepika-vogue-12.jpgDeepika Padukone unveils latest Vogue Issuedeepika-vogue-2.jpgdeepika-vogue-3.jpgdeepika-vogue-4.jpgdeepika-vogue-5.jpgdeepika-vogue-6.jpg

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