Gabbar Is Back – Official Trailer HD | Starring Akshay Kumar & Shruti Haasan

The first trailer Akshay Kumar’s next movie Gabbar Is Back is now released. A hero by deeds but a villain by name, Gabbar aka Akshay Kumar is ready to stun everyone with his avatar in ‘Gabbar is Back’. The trailer is packed with some awesome dialogues like “Wo Kya Hain Na- Karma Rishwat Nahi Leta!” “Pachaas Kos door agar koi rishwat leta hai toh log kehte hai, mat le warna Gabbar aa jayega of Gabbar”.

In the movie Akshay plays the role of a police officer, who can make CBI level enquiries and fight the villains all by himself. As the poster suggested this police officer will not let a person go off with bribe. Shruti Haasan, who looks pretty, is seen bringing in some romance. The two look amazing in the bit that they have shared in the trailer.

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