Ghajini Review : Aamir’s career-best performance!

Aamir Khan always manages to drop a blockbuster in nick of time. Last year it was ‘Taare Zameen Par’, and this time it is this year’s much awaited Christmas release ‘Ghajini, which is sure to spell-bound the audience.

The film which was being repeatedly delayed due to certain unforeseen circumstances – Aamir’s accident, legal hassles – has managed to ‘rise and shine’ this festive eve. This film is being seen as Aamir Khan’s career best performance.


The Tamil version was a massive hit but the Hindi remake is a stupendous work. It is being touted as ‘never-seen-before’ experience. Ghajini, a revenge saga, has a riveting storyline but adding to the plot is powerful treatment, mind-blowing performances and superb music. Aamir does not speak much, (Asin does most of the talking) but his body language says it all. Agreed, the film is long but it grips in every frame. Agreed that the film is full of violence but the violence is justified and one feels elated when Aamir’s character is avenged.

Director AR Murugadoss, surpasses his earlier work – the Tamil version of the film. He moulds the film sequences with such finesse that viewers cannot help holding their breaths. Cinematography is stunning and the treatment is very contemporary and stylish.

The director, AR Murugadoss succeeds to keep up the suspense throughout the film. The film revolves around Aamir`s character Sanjay Singhania, who has a sad past and a violent present. In the past, Sanjay was rich, succesful, famous and loved a girl, Kalpana (Asin) dearly. But in a violent incident, he loses her and undegoes a break-down. He forgets everything else but the violent incident, which lasted 15 minutes. And then begins his journey of brutal vendetta against the killers.

Sanjay seeks revenge through pictures and memos and tattoos on his chiseled body. He meets Sunita (Jiah Khan), who initially fears him but then having learnt the truth, sets out to help him. The narration goes back and forth several times, before Sanjay Singhania looses his memory and after.

After Shah Rukh’s Surinder Sahni act, it is Aamir’s Sanjay Singhania, who is to rule the psyche of viewers. A winner for sure. Four cheers!

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