Himesh on sets of tv show

The story will be building up to Nandini and Pinakin’s engagement for which everyone in the house is very excited. But there will actually be 3 couples of the Joshi family getting engaged on the same day – Nandini-Pinakin, Chirag-Roshni and Aarti-Ravi. So the situation itself will be very festive and vibrant. A dance competition within the family is planned for the day of the engagement, to get in a colourful, fun-filled vibe to the whole affair. The competition will be between the 3 couples, wherein the best couple would get diamond rings as a prize. Himmesh, as Monty of Karz, will be the chief guest and judge for the competition. He would also sing a song from Karz, which the 3 couples of our show would dance to for the competition.


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