Imran Khan maybe pranky but he can’t forget perfection!

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane NaMaking a successful debut with Jaane Tu…Ya Jaane Na, Imran Khan may look like a simple, quiet and cute boy, but in reality this youngster is indeed very mischievous. While shooting for the film, the actor made life hell for his co-star Manjari Fadnis by his scary pranks.

“Imran is a prankster on the sets. We had a ball, all of us,” says Manjari, recollecting the time when Imran scared her out of her wits in an eerie villa where they were shooting by making ghostly noises in the dark.

“I am not the type that gets easily scared by the word ‘ghosts’. I have read a lot on after-life, But this was one experience that really made me scream,” she grins recollecting the event.

Well, everything is right while it’s done by stars and it’s more so while there is someone like uncle Aamir behind you all the while. But there is something that Imran should always take care of. Guess what? As uncle Aamir doesn’t like anything which is not perfect to the core and he is the man behind making Imran a superstar, Imran should at least keep playing on the chord of perfectionist in everything he does. Even while plotting a prank!


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