Imran Khan real name is Imran Pal

Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na wallpapersThese days everyone is talking about Jaane Tu Starer Imran Khan, but there are some thing you didn,t know about him. So we are sharing with you some secrets. Na we are not talking about her affair or her girlfriend. Not many people know, Imran is Nasir Husaain’s grandson but he is not directly related to Mansoor Khan. Mansoor Khan is Nasir Hussain’s son from his second marriage. Nasir Hussain had a daughter from his first marriage who lives in New York. Imran Khan is her son and his real name is Imran Pal.

His father is Anil Pal. And Anil is a Bengali. Anil separated from Imran’s mother and work for Yahoo! in the States. Because of his close relationship with his mother, Imran decided to change his surname from Pal to Khan. But the young lad likes to call himself ‘Imran Khan’ because his mother ‘Nuzhat Khan’ and father had parted ways long back when the actor was pretty young.

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