Jai Veeru Movie Stills

Two of bollywood’s hottest actors have just become the wildest parteners – in – crime to ever hit the streets of Bombay! Fardeen Khan and Kunal Khemu star in the hilarious saga of a cop, a crook and a beautiful friendship gone sour.

Once inseparable pals, JAI (Fardeen Khan) and VEERU (Kunal Khemu) find themselves on opposite sides of the law, each feeling betrayed by the other. In fact, the only person who hates them more then they hate each other is a ruthless gangster TEJPAL (Arbaaz Khan), who want s to kill both of them and put them six feet under! Now, through a strange twist of fate, Jai and Veeru are to run – together. With a little luck, the boys might jus get out of this one alive … if they don’t kill each other first!

Will they survive? Will their Friendship Survive?




  1. manu mathew November 9, 2009
  2. manu mathew November 9, 2009

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