Kareena Kapoor “I want to work till I’m 80!”

In a recent interview with Filmfare magazine Kareena Kapoor talks about her movie and said that “I will act till I am 80 years old. Nobody can take that away from me.” Not only this, she also believed int he motto of her late grandfather, Raj kapoor who summed it up in his song “Jeena Yahan, Marna Yahan, Iske Siwa Jana Kahan”. Blowe are some of the content from her interview with the magazine.

You have a strong lineup of films, starting with Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Udta Punjab and then R. Balki’s next. You are back at the top of your game, aren’t you?
(Sighs) It has been about 15-16 years. People say the shelf life of actresses is only a decade. I think I will hit two decades. I don’t need to compete with anybody because I am at a stage where I am content. I am happily married, I have been there, done that. I wanted to work with new directors as I have worked with everybody, sometimes more than once with the same person. Kabir was left, so I am happy to do his film. And now directors, who I haven’t worked with yet, are approaching me.

You have said that it is important how your directors present you. Are you happy with how Kabir has presented you in Bajrangi Bhaijaan?
It’s a different kind of Salman film because it has a direction. It’s not like there are songs coming out of nowhere. Yes, it is a potboiler, but when Kabir makes these larger-than-life films, there is a script. So my character is sweet and real. And Salman is producing this film. So, I was like ‘Of course, I will do it.’

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