Kareena Kapoor Madame Tussauds Issue

Actor Kareena Kapoor is upset after learning of rumours being apparently spread by a contemporary actor. This actor apparently told a common friend that Kareena’s wax statue at Madame Tussauds was “nothing but a gimmick”.

“Kareena was deeply hurt when she heard about the heroine bitching about her in her close circles. You will never find her talking to her again. She is hurt,” says a close friend of the actor. Apparently, the heroine in question is also getting her share of international fame that she and her publicity team have been steadily working on, over the past few months.
So, what triggered off this comment? Ever since it came to light that Madame Tussauds was looking out for a Bollywood heroine to succeed actor Aishwarya Rai’s statue at the wax museum, it apparently triggered off a race among Bollywood heroines, which finally boiled down to Kareena and another leading heroine. But when the former finally clinched the deal, the latter apparently tried to de-stabilise the deal.

“The first thing that Bebo heard was that her statue is of no importance as it is small compared to Aishwarya’s (in height). Then came more gossip that it is being installed in the Blackpool branch as opposed to Madame Tussauds on Baker Street in London. Bebo couldn’t imagine that this heroine could indulge in such salacious gossip when she is also getting her share of international fame,” the friend adds.

However, according to a statement by the company that hosts the wax statues, the statues depicting various Bollywood stars will now tour across Madame Tussauds all over the world (including several locations in US) as a part of brand new exhibition. Wonder what new gossip will accompany this?

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