Kareena Kapoor turns engine driver

If you thought actor Shah Rukh Khan’s train stunt in RA.One, in which he jumps from one compartment to the next, is thrilling, wait till you see what has been under wraps so far. In the same sequence guess who’s playing the engine driver? It’s SRK’s on-screen wife Kareena Kapoor (far left) who is operating the locomative, a la Sandra Bullock who was in the drivers’ seat in Speed. Unlike some of her contemporaries, Kareena has never been keen on stunts. She had admitted in an earlier interview that before taking on the sci-fi fantasy or beau Saif Ali Khan’s spy adventure, Agent Vinod, she
made a pre-condition that she would not do any stunts. “I hate action and won’t ever do an action movie. That’s not me at all, I’m a song-and-dance girl,” she had asserted.

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