Love Story 2050 Movie Review

Love Story 2050 wallpapers | Love story 2050 Movie StillsHarman Baweja finally makes his much-awaited debut in a lavish 50 – 55 crore movie titled Love Story 2050! Directed by Harry Baweja, his father, of Qayamat fame (the Ajay Devgan movie that released in 2003). Since Qayamat, Harry has been busy working on Love Story 2050, his son’s mega debut. Priyanka Chopra is Harman’s co-star in the movie. Expectations are high, mostly due to the high-on-special-effects trailers and good promotion. Does it click?

Love Story 2050 starts off as a simple love story that revolves around two characters Karan (Harman Baweja) and Sana (Priyanka Chopra). Karan is a happy-go-lucky spirited boy who goes off the rules and Sana is a shy and petite young girl who goes by the rules. What happens when opposites meet? They are attracted, love blossoms between the two. All comes to a stand still when Sana dies in a accident!

In search of his love, Karan goes into the future, right into the year 2050 with the help of his scientist uncle Dr Ya (Boman Irani) who has spent more than 15 years of his life inventing the time machine. 2050 is spectacular, flying cars, sky-high multi storey buildings, robots et al. Karan finds Zeisha (Priyanka Chopra), now a superstar, a pop singer.

Will Karan and Sana get back again? Will the future bring them together?
Love Story 2050 Review

Harry Baweja has undoubtedly put in a lot of effort and hard work into Love Story 2050, whether its the costumes, settings, special effects and to a certain extent even robots. But unfortunately, the script is way below average. The story is nonsensical, the love story lacks soul, you dont feel for any single character in the movie. Harry Baweja as a story teller fails big time.

The first half is never ending, but towards the end it gets slightly interesting, you hope for a better second half. Imagining life 42 years from now is exciting, but what unfolds on the screen in the second half is probably equilvalent to a third degree torture. It painfully drags, the special effects although great, outshines the love story, you no more care for any of the characters. The robots and the special effects too starts to get monotonous towards the end. 30 mins into the second half, you desperately await the end for the credits to roll.. Yes, its that bad!

The runtime is 3 hours plus, most of the portions can be chopped off easily. For example the character of the masked villian, who appears in the latter parts of the second half, was absolutely unnecessary. He also seems to be a last minute inspiration of Naseeruddin Shah’s character in Krrish.

Seriously, its very hard to sit through this movie. The packed house for the preview show, was almost half empty, well before the credits rolled!

Dialogues are irritating.. Harman’s favorite dialogue in the movie is ‘I dont need luck, because i have love’ He repeats it so many times that, you feel an urgent need to pull every hair out of your head! Music is average, except for the ‘Milo Na Milo’ track, nothing is even worth a mention.

Performances are no better! Harman Baweja has been compared to Hrithik Roshan, no less! Well, he is good looking, a excellent dancer, has got a good screen presence.. But in the acting department, he has a long long way to go. His dialogue delivery outright sucks! Priyanka Chopra disappoints in a meaty role, with great scope for histrionics. Boman Irani is funny at times. Archana Puran Singh is good.

In short, Love Story 2050 is yet another major disappointment of 2008. A utter waste of Rs 50 crores plus spent on this never ending tale. The opening at the box-office is expected to be good, but the negative word-of-mouth would affect Harman’s debut. The collections should start dropping heavily from Monday. This futuristic tale has absolutely no future!


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