Mahie Gill The Desi Girl

I’m a very simple desi girl with a passion for acting. People ask me about doing bold roles, but actually it’s the films that have chosen me to do such roles. For example, in Dev D, Paro’s character was a bold one, but I didn’t have any bold scenes to do. As for Not A Love Story, people made a big deal about my kissing scene. Even my friends used to tease me. But all I said was please watch the film and then comment.

Not a single person had anything bad to say since they forgot about the kissing, as they got lost in the story of the film. Yes, I’ve done serious or bold roles so far, but it’s not like I wouldn’t like to do a comedy film or do a film where I have a song and dance routine. But yes, I’m far, far happy about the kind of experimental projects that are coming my way as people are really appreciating my work.

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