Malaika Arora at Permanent Hair Reduction Clinic

Malaika Arora at Permanent Hair Reduction Clinic. Married and a mother of two. Who cares? Malaika Arora Khan has maintained the shape over the years and for that reason she has her very own parking space on this list. Sizzling Malaika who make news for her curvacious body says that though she is into extensive workouts she doesnot get hooked to it beyond a point. Being in top shape, the lady cannot be wrong.

mallaika-skin-care-4.jpgmallaika-skin-care-5.jpgmallaika-skin-care-6.jpgmallaika-skin-care-7.jpgmallaika-skin-care-8.jpgPermanent Hair Reduction, Malaika Aroramallaika-skin-care-2.jpgPermanent Hair Reduction, Malaika Arora

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