Mallika Sherawat liplocked 4 times

Mallika is one of the scorching hot actress in Bollywood Industry. And she is well knows for her Kisses on Bollywood Movies. Actor Rahul Bose is about to do what many guys only dream about; kiss Mallika Sherawat numerous times.

Mallika Sherawat 4 lip kisses

The kisses are not for fun or love but part of the scenes that the two have shot for the forthcoming comedy romance Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam. “Why just one kiss?” retorts Rahul. “I have four kissing scenes with Mallika this time. Every time my director Sanjay Chhel was frustrated by my lack of talent, he asked me to kiss Mallika.”

He continues, “It’s not as though we volunteered to kiss. It was part of the story. Mallika isn’t the only co-star I’ve kissed. I kissed Laila Rouass in Split Wide Open, Perizaad Zorabian in Mumbai Matinee. And in Govind Nihalani’s Takshak, I kissed Nethra Raghuraman. Lately, I’ve kissed Saba Azad in Dil Kabaddi. So my kisses spread far and wide. Did I kiss Rinke Khanna in Jhankar Beats? I can’t remember.”

This is not even the first time Rahul is kissing Mallika; the pair smooched previously in Pyaar Ke Side Effects.

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