Pankh Movie Wallpapers : Bipasha Basu

Pankh Movie Wallpapers : Bipasha Basu. It is a story of human suffering and about the tragedy of human predicament. The film tries to explore the complex maze of relationships: the Oedipal, the homosexual, the exploitative. It tears that veil of shame that covers the face of this glamorous profession.
Truth stares naked at the face of an audience bred on and allured by the sham of this life.

bipasha-pankh-movie-wallpapers-19.jpgPankh Movie Wallpapers : Bipasha Basubipasha-pankh-movie-wallpapers-13.jpgbipasha-pankh-movie-wallpapers-14.jpgbipasha-pankh-movie-wallpapers-15.jpgbipasha-pankh-movie-wallpapers-16.jpgbipasha-pankh-movie-wallpapers-17.jpgbipasha-pankh-movie-wallpapers-18.jpgbipasha-pankh-movie-wallpapers-7.jpgbipasha-pankh-movie-wallpapers-8.jpg

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