Perfect Body- Dia Mirza at Acid Factory Movie Preview

Perfect Body- Dia Mirza at Acid Factory Movie Preview. Dia Mirza began her professional career at the tender age of 16 working as a market executive at Sriven Mult-tech in Hyderabad. In Suparn Verma’s ‘Acid Factory’ she plays a girl locked up in a factory with four men with apparently no way out. She’s being made to do the most impossible stunts. Suparn Verma’s film ‘Acid Factory’ when Bips walked out of the movie due to problem with dates. The movie has Dia as lead and solo actress with 6 actors. The actress needed a make over though, for the role.

dia-mirza-acid-factory-8.jpgDia Mirza Acid Factory Movie, Acid Factory Movie, Dia Mirza, Diya Mirzadia-mirza-acid-factory-10.jpgdia-mirza-acid-factory-11.jpgdia-mirza-acid-factory-12.jpgdia-mirza-acid-factory-13.jpgdia-mirza-acid-factory-1.jpgdia-mirza-acid-factory-2.jpg

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