Priyanka Chopra Replaced Deepika Padukone in Race 2

There has been a lot of speculation about who will play the female leads in the sequel to Race. While actor Sonakshi Sinha has been finalised to play one amongst the two leads in the film, there have been a couple of names tossed up when talks about the other lead surfaced. Buzz had it that actor Deepika Padukone was finalised to play the role, but sources close to the film’s unit reveal that she has now been replaced.

The source adds, “After Barfee, Priyanka has some time and she is still deciding which films to take up. She is also busy with her music album and hasn’t had the time to greenlight any project. Once she is back from the US, the confirmations will take place.” Well, as of now, it isn’t a clear picture but we are sure it will be fun to see Sonakshi and Priyanka on screen with actor John Abraham.

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