Priyanka, Neil Nitin at Mugdha Godse Birthday party

Priyanka, Neil Nitin at Mugdha Godse Birthday party. To feel pleasntly tipsy and match up to her character in Madhur’s ‘Jail’, Mugdha Godse had really got drunk. The babe will leave no stones unturned to get that sizzling success again. There is an intimate friendship and may be more than that growing between ‘Fashion’ babe, Mugdha and Neil Nitin Mukesh on the sets of ‘Jail’. They are inseparable between the shots. It seems she has arrested Neil with her gorgeous looks in ‘Jail’.

mugdha-birthday-9.jpgmugdha-birthday-10.jpgmugdha-birthday-11.jpgmugdha-birthday-12.jpgPriyanka Chopram, Priyanka, Neil Nitin mukesh, Mugdha Godsemugdha-birthday-6.jpgmugdha-birthday-7.jpgmugdha-birthday-8.jpgmugdha-birthday-4.jpgmugdha-birthday-2.jpgmugdha-birthday-1.jpgmugdha-birthday-3.jpg

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