Priyanka wearing bikini in Dostana Movie

Yes Friends its true now you can see Priynaka in two Piece Bikini in her next upcoming movie Dostana. After Kareena Bikini Song in Tashan now it Priyanka Chopra Turn. Priyanka was shooting in Miami for Karan Johar’s romantic comedy Dostana.And she had a ball. Check Out the Priyanka Bikini Pics here

Priyanka in Bikini For Dostana Movie

“I’ve worked with Abhishek and John before. But never like this. Their bonding is infectious. Dostana was one big party. It’s a beachside sporty film. And I’m very much a water babe. The director Tarun Mansukhani’s is new but his wit sparkles.He’s written a really urbane tongue-in-cheek comedy.”

So has she changed her mind about wearing a bikini? “The producer Karan Johar didn’t ask me to wear a bikini. And I wouldn’t be comfortable in one. But this is a beach movie. So it’s only natural that I get into beach-wear. And I don’t mind at all. Because everyone else will be wearing even tinier clothes.”

Priyanka Chopra can’t stop raving about the new love in her life.

“No, his name isn’t Harman. It’s someone called Boo, a pet robot teedy-bear who accompanies me everywhere in Love Story 2050. He’s all pink and the cutest creature on earth. I want to take him home.”

Explains the actress, “I was aware of Boo from the time he was conceived. It was Harman Baweja’s sister Rowena who thought of Boo. I don’t think it’d have happened without her. I’ve watched Boo acquire a life right in front of me. So it’s quite an exciting process.”

So attached has Priyanka become to Boo that she wanted to carry him home after the shooting. And the Bawejas who’ve watched Priyanka stand by their project from the time Kareena Kapoor opted out, would be only too happy to let Priyanka have Boo.

Says Priyanka, “This was one film that’s filled with gadgets and electronic toys. But Boo is special. Because he’s mine. Love Story 2050 is my second hi-tech film after Krissh. And I’m doing one more Drona.

But Love Story was special because I did my career’s first double role with two different looks for the two halves set in two different periods. Boo was part of my futuristic look. I feel this film carried sci-fi in India to another level.”

Interestingly Love Story 2050 will be followed by another FX-motivated adventure saga Shankar’s Robot. Priyanka had been signed for it when it was a different set-up with Shah Rukh Khan in the lead.

“When FX turned a corner with Krissh I was part of it. Now when it somersaults with Love Story 2050 and Drona I’m part of both.Am I proud to be in these projects, or not?”

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