Rambha at Quick Gun Murugan Premiere

Rambha at Quick Gun Murugan Premiere. The hype about ‘Quick Gun Murugan’ (QGM) is so much that, these days, everybody is finding it easier to say ‘QGM’ as compared to ‘ABC’. Well, if you too belong to the same clan, then, this news will surely come ‘riding’ into your ears. For this, the southern actor Dr. Rajendra Prasad (who plays the title role in the film) will be seen on his trademark horse and in his film attire as ‘Quickgun Murugan’ and not as his real-self. To double the excitement, the southern hottie Rambha (who plays ‘Mango Dolly’ in the film) will be seen accompanying the ‘QGM’ man.

Quick Gun Murugan-16Quick Gun Murugan-15Quick Gun Murugan-14Quick Gun Murugan-13Quick Gun Murugan-12Quick Gun Murugan-11Quick Gun Murugan-10Quick Gun Murugan-9


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