Randeep & Shahana smoochathon in Ru-Ba-Ru

Randeep & Shahana smoochathon in Ru-Ba-Ru.Ru-Ba-Ru starring Randeep Hooda and Shahana Goswami is a modern day love story of a couple who live in relationship. As per the script’s demand both the actors had to share more than ten intimate kisses! Both Randeep and Shahana being professional actors didn’t hold any qualms while performing the intimate act.

randeep_shahana_5.jpgrandeep_shahana_6.jpgrandeep_shahana_4.jpgrandeep_shahana_2.jpgrandeep_shahana_9.jpgrandeep_shahana_10.jpgrandeep_shahana_7.jpgrandeep_shahana_8.jpgrandeep_shahana_3.jpgRandeep & Shahana smoochathon in Ru-Ba-Ru

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