Red Hot Asin at Lighting a Billion Lives event

Asin’s fair complexion stands out in black satin dress. Asin is endorsing a reputed hair care product alongwith two other Bollywood hotties. New addition to Bollywood brigade, Asin is full of confidence and grace. Asin’s unique style sense is one of her strong points. Asin is booked in some sense, but not actually booked for love. The love instinct still has not beaten her. As she is busy with films and books, the boys will have to wait. After the super success of ‘Ghajini’, Asin is busy learning the ancient form of Martial art Kalaripayattu. The ‘Ghajini’ starlet has signed an International project opposite Kamal Haasan called ’19th Step’.

asin-india-bolly-actress-21.jpgasin-india-bolly-actress-22.jpgasin-india-bolly-actress-23.jpgasin-india-bolly-actress-24.jpgRed Hot Asin at Lighting a Billion Lives eventasin-india-bolly-actress-14.jpgasin-india-bolly-actress-15.jpgasin-india-bolly-actress-16.jpg


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