Right Yaaa Wrong Movie Posters

What happens when a top cop, Vinay Pathak (Irfaan Khan), the closest friend and colleague of Ajay Singh (Sunny Deol), an extremely brave and an honest cop in Mumbai police force starts investigating a case of murder of Ajay Singh’s wife (Ishaa Koppikar) and his prime suspect is no one else but Ajay Singh himself. They both cannot believe the situation bcoz they both love each other but ironically both are the pride of Mumbai police force.

Right Yaaa Wrong Movie Postersrightyaaawrong-2008-2b.jpg

Did Ajay murder his own beloved wife? Or did Ajay’s buddy and the investigating officer Vinay Pathak murder her? Or did some else murder Ajay’s sexy wife?

Ripples begin with wits and mind games..! No one could solve the mystery not even Ajay’s female friend, a top lawyer, Konkana Sen, till Ajay comes out with his own supremacy.

The most chilling racy thriller which shakes you up and keep you on the edge of the seat till you know… What is right and what is wrong..?

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