Saucy treat: Roshini Chopra & Pia Trivedi

Saucy treat: Roshini Chopra & Pia Trivedi. ETC UNVEILS ITS NEW ANCHORS Pia and Roshini. CINEMASCOPE is a one-stop shop for all that you wanted to know about the latest films. A half hour, anchor based, daily show (Mon-Thurs), Roshni will take you through the gamut of new releases in that week, besides filling you in with all the gossip related to the film and its star cast, and all of this interspersed with sound bytes from the cast & crew of the films. The making of the film, the gossip, the tantrums, the delays, the reviews, views, the previews, the box office results, and the box office predictions… Cinemascope will pack it all in this half hour show. The show launches in November and will air Monday-Thursday.


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