See How this Bollywood Actress lost 21 kgs post-pregnancy in 3 months

As per the reports, Women gain around 10-15 kgs post pregnancy because of wrong eating habits and the lack of movement. And this is very common in Indian women and most of them are worried about the weight after post pregnancy. But nothing is impossible in this world, and this Bollywood actress proved it very easily. She almost lost 21 kgs post-pregnancy in 3 months. And the name of the actor is Shilpa Shetty. No doubt she one of the hottest moms in Bollywood. And she is known for her well-toned body.

Celebrity fitness expert Vinod Channa, who helped Shilpa Shetty lose her pregnancy fat, about ways mothers can stay fit post pregnancy.

He said :
gradually added different techniques like functional, animal flow workout, conditioning workout, which she never did in the past. She followed a strict diet with limited carbohydrates – balancing the protein along with vegetables and fruits. I helped her lose 21 kgs in 3 and ½ month naturally. She worked towards a better shape than what people had seen her on-screen. So, anything is possible with right guidance, dedication and sacrifices.

Read his entire interview here.

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