Shilpa Shetty : ‘I’m Waiting For My Third Baby

Actor Shilpa Shetty is tired of the rumours doing the rounds of her being in the family way. “Initially I used to wonder about this obsession about wanting to see me pregnant, but now I kind of
take it in my stride. I guess it’s their love for me,” she smiles. “It isn’t easy for Raj (hubby Raj Kundra) either, being surrounded by constant speculation, but now even he’s starting to take it
with a pinch of salt.”

She, however, does admit that she’s looking forward to being a mom someday soon. “It’ll happen when it has too. Right now I’m busy with my two babies!”

Before the shock can register, she is quick to add that her husband and their dog are no less than babies for her. “In fact for Raj our dog’s the first baby,” she explains. Happy playing mommy to the two, Shilpa is ready for the third too.

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