Sidharth Malhotra’s first ever experience of a daring skydive

Sidharth Malhotra who recently been appointed as the Indian ambassador of Tourism New Zealand is in the newzealand form alst few days. And nowe he just posted a image on his twitter aococutn in which yiu can see him on the jet for the SkyDiving. Wow! Out of this world! Amazing!” — those were the words that Bollywood actor Sidharth Malhotra used to describe his first ever experience of a daring skydive.

“It was my first time and it was amazing. I want to try it again sometime soon. Take that leap, take that plunge. Three seconds is all you need to fight and you won’t regret it for a lifetime,” said Sidharth.

Wonder what other extreme sport is our Sid going to try his hand at next

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