Sohail Khan, Dino at Puma golf launch

Sohail Khan, Dino at Puma golf launch. PUMA as a brand is known for doing things differently, so rather than a mundane day on the golf greens PUMA adds a twist to their Golf launch by recreating miniature golf at the Hard Rock Café. It doesn’t end there. PUMA got eight celeb studded teams to compete with each other. These teams are not just the hottest Bollywood stars but also have icons from the world of fashion, business, photography, Modelling, Advertising and VJs.

sohail_dino_8.jpgsohail_dino_7.jpgsohail_dino_4.jpgsohail_dino_5.jpgsohail_dino_6.jpgsohail_dino_2.jpgsohail_dino_3.jpgSohail Khan, Dino at Puma golf launch

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