Sonakshi Sinha Shows off her Slim Trim Body

Recently Salman Khan tweeted a pic of Dabaang Girl Sonakshi Sinha. “Dekh lo dubli patli sonakshi devi ko. Abb yakeen aah ya, wah! Kamaal karti ho yaar rajjo. (Have a look at a slimmer and fitter Sonakshi. Now I can believe it. Wow!),” Salman captioned in his usual uncanny manner. Salman praised Sonakshi’s new slim trim figure and made sure that he the world also see that by tweeting this pic. In the pic you can see the new look of Sonakshi sinha, in which she is looking so fit and trim.

The pic really shows the immense amount of weight that Sonakshi has lost. She has been working out a lot these days as well as living on a strict diet. The actress, in an all-black outift, is seen smiling widely, in the photo.

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