First Sonam, Now Sonakshi Sinha Trolled on Twiiter for BAN-Istan

Yesterday, Sonam Kapoor trolled on social media when she tweeted about the #meatban and misogyny and now, Sonskahsi Sinha also facing the same situation in the same matter. Yesterday, Sona Tweeted on her twitter account the meat ban in Mumbai. She tweeted “This is a free country! Welcome to BAN-istan… I meant india. Stupid autocorrect.” She also added, “Why no ban on ignorance/negligence? What about the flood affected people of assam? Priorities people. Priorities.”

Sonakshi Sinha Trolled

Soon after, she started trending on social media. Check out people’s responses to her tweet here:

Dhaval Patel @dhaval241086
[email protected] Ma’am your Father is also in same Party, Please ask him to quit and join Chara Chor Party !!!!!

Suvie Ritu Chandra @SuvalagnaC
[email protected], 1stly many thnx for calling India,- “Banistan”. 2ndly, I really wish for ban of Bollywood which is blocking brains of kids

Chaukanna Chor @DefucktiveHumor
[email protected] This is a free country that is why there is no restrictions on the stupidity shown in a movie.
Chinta ta chita chita

Arvind Kejriwal @Airwindkejriwal
[email protected] madam auto correct mein Hindustan aata India nahi! @sonamakapoor ne nahi bataya aap bata do haathi anda deta hai ya bachha?

Chicken Biryani @ChickenBiryanii
[email protected] how can Maharashtra CM can fix Assam flood. IQ please

[email protected]
[email protected] Why not BAN Action Jackson, Tevar, Bullet Raja & all such mardana movie of urs.

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