Sonal Chouhan wins case against illegal website

Actress Sonal Chauhan recently filed a case against a person who was running a website illegally by the name of sonalchauhanworld. com. She has now won the case and will be coming up with her own all-new website.
“The person used to run the website illegally on my name. He would sell my pictures on the net without my permission. I took legal recourse and filed a case against him. He was completely shocked when he got our notice and immediately requested an out – of – court settlement. The fake website was removed” explained Sonal Chauhan.

“I was furious and angry when I came to know about this from my friends. I took the help of cyber police for solving this case. Now I am finally ready to come up with my own official website very soon” says Sonal. This is not the first time that Sonal has had trouble in the web world. There were reports of her fake ID being used on a famous social networking.

Sonal ChauhanSonal ChauhanSonal Chauhan

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