Sonam Kapoor trolled on twitter for equating Mumbai meat ban

The KhoobSutrat Star Sonam Kapoor trolled on twitter for reacting on the Mumbai meat ban. She reacted to a tweet on the banning of meat in Mumbai for four days during the Jain fasting season of Paryushan. She said on the twitter “Our country is going to remain a 3rd world nation because of the intolerant misogynistic close minded few.” After this tweet she is getting so many replies from the twitter users and she became the butt of jokes for the twitter audience. Many posted funny tweets taking a dig at Sonam’s opinion.

After reading all those replies, she tweeted again.“Before being judgmental assholes. What I said was a critique of the general mentality .. Which is not exclusive to the banning of meat. And the saddest thing about this whole thing is.. That it’s mostly women who are calling me out on being bimbo. Guess it’s not only the men!

The contrary responses clearly didn’t go down very well with her because she ended up calling everybody who replied to her ‘assholes’ and ‘moron’.
Check out the hilarious thread of tweets below”

Khayali Pulav [email protected] 2m2 minutes ago
Sonam Kapoor is more flexible than Baba Ramdev. She can put her foot in mouth at any given point of time.

Ankur Sinha [email protected] 3m3 minutes ago
Sonam Kapoor is the new Alia Bhat

Rupam [email protected] 4m4 minutes ago
When Chetan Bhagat retweets Sonam Kapoor, its hard to understand who fell below whose standards.

kumar gaurav [email protected] 5m5 minutes ago
And ‘Aliya bhatt of the day’ award goes to sonam kapoor. :) :p

Mumbaicha porgaa. [email protected] 50s51 seconds ago View translation
Dhere dhere se mere jindagi mae aana ~ sonam kapoor to her demaag #sonamkapoor

Gustakh Nigaahein? [email protected] 41s41 seconds ago
Sonam Kapoor says #meatban is Misogynistic. Nxt she will say #beefban was against Section 377

Proper Patola ? [email protected] 1m1 minute ago
Sonam Kapoor is nothing else but an Indian version of Paris Hilton.

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