Stunning Katrina Kaif Lux Ad Pics Clicked by Visually Impaired Photographer

Katrina Kaif has done lots of commercial shoot and LUX ad is one of them. And that shoot is clicked by visually impaired photographer Bhavesh Patel. In a campaign to show the power of the fragrance of Lux soap, a visually impaired photographer has taken a series of shots of Indian Bollywood actress and model Katrina Kaif guided by her scent.

“With every photograph I took, her fragrance formed a vision in my mind,” Patel said in a statement. Patel, born visually impaired, not only has a nose for fragrances and ears to catch sound action, but an acute sense to judge distances between his camera and subjects and how to use new technology for good shot.

Katrina, who is the brand ambassador for a leading perfume brand, was more than happy to do this shoot with Bhavesh Patel, a visually impaired photographer.

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