STYLISH: Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor lists accessories that should be a part of every girl’s must-haves.

1 A statement watch: What I really love is a beautiful designer watch, which is like a piece of jewellery. I always make sure I wear a watch like an accessory.

2 A really nice bag for everyday use: Every girl must have a classic black bag. My personal favourite is a classic hobo with a chain handle. It goes with everything.

3 A pair of earrings: It could be solitaire diamond studs or pearls. I also love hoops in different sizes that one can wear during the day or night.

4 A metallic clutch: Invest in a gold or silver clutch purse, especially during the wedding season. You could also get an old-fashioned batua – which can be worn with a sari. Gold and silver add a little bit of bling, especially in the evenings.

5 Hair accessories: I think they’re like a piece of jewellery. Whenever I’m going out in the evening, I wear a beautiful hairpiece that elevates my ensemble. I think bowler hats are also very cool.

6 A pair of socks: The new trend is androgynous, so one can wear shorts or trousers with socks and brogues. They look so cute and schoolgirly.

7 Cuffs: If you don’t feel like wearing heavy accessories, you can just wear statement cuffs with a simple cocktail dress and look fashionable. 8 Statement necklaces: The 80s is making such a comeback these days. Ripped clothes, big accessories, big hair, jackets. I have a vintage Chanel charm necklace that is my current favourite.

9 A cocktail ring: I always feel if you have one statement piece you don’t need to wear that much jewellery.

10 Suspenders: I love the idea of wearing them. You can look so cool and fashionable by just wearing a ganji, loose jeans and suspenders.

11 Sky high heels: No outfit is complete without heels. You should definitely have a pair of black pumps for the evening. I also love silver or gold peep-toe pumps. Platform pumps are the best as they are both comfortable and sexy.

12 Kolhapuri chappals: They are so cool, fashionable, affordable and easily replaceable. I have Kolhapuri chappals in every colour.

13 Sunglasses: I especially love Aviators in different colours. I also love oversize Jackie O style sunglasses, as they give you instant movie star glamour.

14 Bangles: I love bangles, especially glass ones. People have stopped wearing bangles and it’s such a shame as they are a beautiful Indian accessory. I have a huge collection of bangles, especially Hyderabadi ones. You can wear them with both Indian and Western outfits.

15 Chandelier earrings: My favourite is a pair of huge gold and diamond ones that mom made for me.

16 Gold: There should be one piece of real gold jewellery in your jewellery box, whether it is a ring, a pair of earrings or a necklace. I love a thin gold chain that I wear with different gold lockets, including one in pink gold that represents breast cancer, an evil eye, a Ganpati given by Rekha aunty when I was born, apart from pendants given to me by my mom and friends.

17 Belts: I love wearing belts with high-waist trousers. Indian girls tend to have pear-shaped figures and belts are amazing for our body type. It’s a great way to show off a voluptuous figure in a fashionable way. My current favourite is a beige cutwork one from Alaia.

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