Vidya Balan ‘INSPIRES’ Rituparna Sengupta Look

As if copying movie plots from Bollywood wasn’t enough, directors in Bengali cinema are now being ‘inspired’ to copy the look of their stars from photoshoots of Bollywood divas.

Take a look at this backless photograph of a ravishing Vidya Balan from the cover of FHM’s Indian edition (November 2010 issue). Now, compare it with Rituparna Sengupta’s ‘sensuous look’ for Agnidev Chatterjee’s “Charulata 2011”. From Vidya’s curled hair, her posture and her backless choli to her bordered white sari, jhumka and anklet, everything is inspired by Vidya’s look. The only difference is that Vidya went for a green-andwhite combination,while Rituparna flaunts a red-and-white look (complete with alta). When Agnidev was asked about this ‘inspiration’, he said, “My film is about a new-age Charulata. It has very little to do with Ray’s cinema or Tagore’s Nastanir. We wanted a contemporary look. The emotions are strong and bold. Rituparna’s character is into a reasonably successful marriage — except for the fact that she is sexually starved in the relationship. This look is from a dream sequence when she is hospitalized after a miscarriage. During the dream, she feels undressed. Rituparna and I sat together and decided on this look.”

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