Vikram Bhatt all praise for Bipasha Basu

Having successfully dabbled in the 3D and special effects genre,the last being the blockbuster Raaz 3,producer/director Vikram Bhatt with a specialized EFX team now looks at taking it notches higher with a film on the lines of Hollywood’s Jurrasic Park,Anaconda and Predator titled “Creature” for which the director has roped in his favorite actress Bipasha Basu.

All praise for the Bipasha says Vikram Bhatt, “Bipasha is an extremely brave girl, she has survived well simply on the basis of her ability to do different stuff and not rest on reflected glory. She has never been dependent on the actor and yet she is one of the top actresses,” Adding that , “Bipasha has very strong presence. Even off screen, she is a free thinking, independent and very strong individual. She fights her battles on her own. Moreover, in the past, we have been a successful team together. So we have teamed up once again for Creature!”

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